What I Inspect

home-inspectionExterior: Grading, Walls, Coverings, Patios / Decks, Patio Covers, Sidewalks / Driveways, Sofits / Fascias, Doors / Windows, Trim, Gutters / Downspouts, Retaining Wails, Fences / Gates.

Structure: Foundation, Crawlspace, Footings / Columns, Floors, Walls Chimneys.

Roofing: Structure, Coverings, Flashings, Skylights, Vents & Stacks.

Electrical: Service Entrances, Grounding, Panel / Sub Panels, Branch Circuits, Outlets, GFCI Circuit Integrity

Heating And A/C: Description, Combustion System, A/C Components, Supply / Discharge Lines, Venting, Ductwork / Register, Controls / Thermostat, Filters.

Plumbing: Main Supply Lines, Distribution Lines, Fixtures, Vents / Traps / Drains, Functional Flow

Insulation: Attic, Crawlspaces, Floors, Lines, Ductwork, Air / Vapor Barriers

Interior: Walls, Ceilings, Windows, Floors, Doors, Stairs, Fireplaces, Smoke Detectors (Test

Garage: Firewalls, Ventilation, Floor / Slab, Door Closures, Auto Reversing.

All reports are computer generated and presented to you in a customized 3-ring binder

Digital photography is used to document any discrepancies found during our inspection. I will not solicit or recommend any repair services to correct any discrepancies found during our inspections