A 4-point insurance inspection is being required more by insurance companies in the State of Florida for homes that are between 30 and 50 years of age. A 4-point inspection is NOT a comprehensive home inspection and can take as little as 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

A 4-point inspection looks at age and functionality of the electrical, heating and cooling, plumbing and roof systems of the home. Specifically, what is the age of each system, what is the life expectancy and has any of the systems of the home been upgraded and if so, when.

The electrical portion of the inspection is looking at whether the main panel is a fused box or has breakers. With breakers, what type of panel (there are a couple of panel types that have known defects). We check for type of wiring in the home, are the outlets grounded, are there GFCI outlets at the wet locations or AFCI outlets in bedroom?

The heating and cooling system reports type of system in the home, the age of the system as well as when any upgrades may have been made.

The plumbing checks the overall water pressure in the home, what type of water supply and drain lines are in the home and do the sinks and toilets have shut off valves attached in case of a leak? What type of hot water heater is in the home (electric, gas or on demand), is the TPR valve installed and is it installed properly and what is the age of the unit? As with the other systems, have there been upgrades made and if so, when?

The roof system is checking for what type of roof covering is installed and how many layers there are. We check to see if there is any visible truss damage; any visible roof leaks; any flashing damage or are there any missing shingles. Again, the insurance companies want to know the age of the roofing materials and estimate life remaining.